Tissue-Tek Film Coverslipper

The Film Coverslipper’s unprecedented throughput of 1,080 slides per hour remains unmatched.

Highest throughput, shortest drying time, fastest slide review

The Film Coverslipper’s unprecedented throughput of 1,080 slides per hour remains unmatched. The Coverslipping Film’s fast drying time minimizes the long wait time to air-dry trays of glass coverslipped slides. This results in users providing clean high quality dried slides to the pathologists faster.

True walkway integrated system
Whether standalone or connected to the Prisma stainer, the Film Coverslipper’s unload carousel holds up to 240 slides, providing on-board storage and minimizing frequency of unloading small batches of coverslipped slides.
Connecting the Film Coverslipper to the Tissue-Tek Prisma stainers creates an integrated, fully automated walkaway staining process from slide baking to slide drying. Laboratories can now further increase productivity, especially appreciated during daily peak demand hours, further reducing user stress level by forwarding high quality stained and coverslipped slides to the pathologists faster.

Flexibility and user safety
The Film Coverslipper utilizes automation that offers the latest technology ensuring each slide is perfectly coverslipped. Four different coverslip length adjustments, including 45, 50, 55, or 60 mm provides the flexibility for any application. When connected to a Tissue-Tek Prisma stainer, additional slide baskets such as IHC or Special Stains can be independently coverslipped while the stainer is running. The on-board fume filtration system and optional vent duct system provide extra safety for your users.

High quality slides suitable for imaging
Even the most discerning eye can’t tell whether a slideis coverslipped with film or glass. The Coverslipping Film has a refractive index and thickness that mimics glass coverslips to optimize image quality. Coverslipping Film is also suitable for slide scanning and digital imaging. In fact, the Film Coverslipper with Coverslipping Film have been validated for use with the Hologic® Thin Prep® Stain Plus Imaging System.


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