Tissue-Tek Prisma Plus & Tissue-Tek Film

Imagine… a flexible and versatile system with trusted reliability that allows you to save valuable time

The Tissue-Tek Prisma® Plus & Tissue-Tek Film® integrated system is the preferred choice of histology and cytology laboratories worldwide. Connecting the Prisma Plus with the Film creates an integrated, fully automated walk-away staining and coverslipping process, from staining up until slide baking and drying. The flexibility of standard and special staining in a single system, with the use of proven film coverslipping technology, allows you to save valuable time in the laboratory.

Save time on Staining & Coverslipping
Time is of the essence, virtually every histopathology lab is pushed on turnaround times and faces increasing workload, often with reduced staff and with equal or less financial resources. The integrated Prisma Plus and Film optimises labour efficiency and saves time on the staining and coverslipping processes. Get standardised coverslipped slides while reducing turnaround times thanks to the continuous loading of multiple runs. The use of Film technology to replace glass coverslips and elimination of liquid mounting media reduces the cleaning frequency and simplifies maintenance.

Staining flexibility
Customers have greatly appreciated the convenience delivered by the integrated Prisma Plus & Film, stainer and coverslipper. This is due to the flexibility of having a single platform to easily perform H&E and special stains. Added to this, having the choice of reagents, reagent container configurations and user defined programs comprise the versatile automated stainer for a wide variety of demands and requirements. The improved user interface on the Prisma Plus allows 50 different colours for coding the reagent containers, meeting the demands of any pathologist.

Trusted reliability
The Prisma Plus and Film coverslipper have been designed, engineered and built to provide the laboratory with an integrated stainer coverslipper having a pedigree of dependability and reliability. Clear stained slides of consistent high quality. Sakura has further enhanced reliability with the introduction of iSupport for the Prisma Plus. This real time remote monitoring system helps to reduce the adverse impact of instrument failure by enhancing the speed of repair.


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