Medical Asset Management

Medical Assets Management Division

Kirloskar technologies has been in biomedical equipment maintenance business for the last more than 30 years. We have a large team of experienced and qualified equipment maintenance engineers and specialists.

KTPL has further built its strength both in technical expertise and spares sourcing for maintaining all kinds of biomedical equipment in public health facilities and in corporate hospitals in India

It is currently maintaining more than 150,000 medical assets ranging from low to high end installed in around 5000 medical facilities.

KTPL is using a web enabled software application based service and asset management system using smart phone application practices to manage equipment details installed at customer locations, It gives detail on each equipment maintenance and gives real time notifications and alerts.

It proactively provides information on maintenance contracts and helps KTPL to align resources including spares to optimize customer service. With the help of this system, KTPL maintains seamless communication with its engineers and customers.

Real Time dash board display on breakdown, service progress and other other information is created for efficient maintenance management.


Medical Assets Management at KTPL takes a holistic approach for the maintenance of Biomedical Equipment through optimum utilization of resources. Our well qualified and experience manpower with the support of distinctive call and service management system ensures that the hospital equipment perform to an optimum level to bring succor to patients.

Anand Behera

Vice  president –MAM

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