Pyrexar Medical

Pyrexar Medical was formed to take on the fight against cancer. Pyrexar Medical purchased the Hyperthermia product line from BSD Medical in April 2015. Its plan is to support the existing BSD-500 and BSD-2000 customers, continue to make product improvements, support the growth of Thermal Oncology and spread the word about this amazing cancer therapy.

Pyrexar Medical Products

BSD-500 Superficial Hyperthermia
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BSD-2000 Deep Regional Hyperthermia System Family
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Shinva Medical Instrument Co., Ltd

Founded in 1943, ShinvaMedical Instrument Co., LTD. Is the largest Chinese Comprehensive company in design, manufacture, sales and service of medical instrument, and is also the chairman unit of china Association for Medical Devices Industry.

Located in Zibo, China, Shinva has the following products: radiotherapy equipment, sterilizer, digital diagnosis equipment, surgical instrument, disposable syringe, environmental protection equipment for medical use, sterilization testing products, pharmaceutical machinery etc.

Shinva started to produce cobalt 60 therapy unit since 1969. Now

Shinva can offer customers with entire range of radiotherapy products and solutions from a single source from medical electron linear accelerator, radiotherapy simulators, Cobalt 60 therapy unit, afterloader, to treatment planning system, with nearly 2000 global users. Meanwhile, Shinva has its products CE marked, and established strict quality management system with ISO9001 and ISO13485 certified.

Shinva Medical Products

XHA600E Low Energy Linear Accelerator
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XHA1400 Dual Photon High Energy Linear Accelerator
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SL-IP Radiotherapy Simulator
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RayPlan Treatment Planning System
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