XHA1400 Dual Photon High Energy Linear Accelerator

XHA1400 is a digitized dual-photon medical linear accelerator used for high accuracy image-guided radiotherapy platform. It has two X-rays (6MV and 10 MV) and multi electron rays from 6MeV to 12 MeV which can treat deep seated tumor and superficial tumor. It adopts modular real-time control technology and can be equipped with precise couch. Integrated with high speed MLC, XHA1400 can achieve conformal and intensity modulated radiotherapy, volume modulated radiotherapy and other advanced treatment technologies in future.

  • Dual photon energies and multi-electron energies;
  • Advanced high-performance standing wave accelerating tube;
  • Modular real-time control technology;
  • Automatic dose control;
  • Precise treatment couch with international patented pneumatic brake technology
  • Built-in high-speed dynamic MLC;
  • Large size and high-resolution amorphous silicon flat panel detector for MV verification

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